Thursday, September 20, 2007

Being Part of the Ramadan Compact Gives You Super Human Powers!

Tuesday night my clothing iron went out. I mean it was gone. Not a good thing, if you consider that I do not enjoy walking around in wrinkled clothes. I figure a clothing iron is essential so next day I went out and purchased another iron. I got this on sale for only $30 bucks, normally $50. It is awesome, all digital and has auto shut off (which is good for me since I keep forgetting to turn my iron off), a retractable cord, and it has the ability to spew out both vertical and horizontal steam.

Well, last night I went to go iron my cloths and without thinking picked up my old iron (cause it was still right beside the ironing board) and started using it. All of a sudden I was like, “hey this thing is suppose to be broken”. It worked perfectly, just like new! (Ok, well maybe not like it was new cause it did not have the new clothing iron smell). How could this be, I know what I witnessed and the iron was totally gone.

Here’s what I am thinking. Could being apart of the Ramadan Compact mean that we have super human powers that allow us to fix electrical deficiencies in stuff by just doing nothing? I mean if that is the case I figure I could go stand next to someone’s car (of course it would be a hybrid Lexus) and with my super human powers by pass the keyless entry system, start the car (just by sitting in it), and drive off. Of course this might be considered stealing and may not be compatible with the spiritual path that I would like to maintain during Ramadan. I would only want to use my powers for good and not my own gratification.

My first act where I use my powers for truth, justice and…something else… will be to return the super duper digital iron. I am a bit sad ‘cause I really started to get attached to the new iron and was imaging all the many ways vertical steam would cause me to be happy and fulfilled. However, good must triumph over an iron in the landfill.

Author: Anila Muhammad


Sanjana said...

HILARIOUS. we are having the same problem with our iron and instead decided to wear clothes that don't require ironing. maybe i'll just channel my superhuman powers instead ;)

anilamuhammad said...

And here's an update. One of my co-workers who just heard about my experiences with the iron said "hey I have an extra iron that you could've used for the next month". (should have, could have, would have)

This makes me realize that there are alot of resources out there and that I did not have to go buy anything. My mindset is still in the place of if its broken go buy a new one, instead of looking for alternatives.

Next I will use my super human powers to search for alternatives to buying stuff.