Saturday, September 29, 2007

Come, break bread with me...

A friend sent me this post and it seems to really tie into what Ramadan Compact is all about. SubhanAllah! From Sidi Hakim Archuletta as posted on

"I recommend, at anytime and as frequent or infrequent as you can (not necessarily during Ramadan) as a lesson, the meal of a simple piece of bread and maybe a few small sips of water.

I recommend that this meal be taken with the condiment of reflection and as much recognition and presence of awareness of the incredible reality in this simple action as a means to awaken the sense in ourselves of the truth of our reality. This is presence with the self, with what Allah SAWT has created in ourselves, presence with the awesome process that took place in the growth of the plant that gave the seed that produced the flour that was made into bread and that by His command and as a portion of our rizq arrives before us with our name on it.

As seasoning I suggest an awareness of the thousands and thousands of nerves, in place by His Design, enabling such taste and smell in that experience, knowing that this simple piece of bread is so much more than that so we might then say, with genuine honesty, maybe in a way that once and for all we truly mean, by certainty, Alhamdulillah!"

For the complete post: Ramadan Reflection


Omaira said...

P.S. This was my first ever blogpost in my life...I guess its about time I jumped on the blogger-bandwagon...or maybe not. :)

anilamuhammad said...

This is great for a first post, and keep them coming.

I think this post is a thoughtful example of that reminds me that food is there to help our hunger and as a means to reflect upon our creator. Food is not there to replace emotion (which is what I use it for especially if I am upset or having nothing better to do). The manner in which we consume, the intention behind that consumption is what we are all attempting to engage during this experiment. Which is precisely what you point out in your post.

Sanjana said...

very good first post...welcome to the bloggy world :)

i totally practiced this. i only had two spoons of yogurt and two dates and coffee for sehri today. (but maybe that's bc i woke up too late...)

Omaira said...

Thank you, you guys! :)