Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is vegetarianism better for the environment?

Following up my previous post, Tanz sent me this article. Seems to go well with my plan of being a moderate vegetarian (oh no, no KP!! [kabob palace]).

Vegans vs. Vegetarians: What kind of diet is best for the environment?
By Brendan I. Koerner
Posted Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007, at 7:43 AM ET

Some excerpts -

"According to a 2005 University of Chicago study, a lacto-ovo vegetarian emits far less greenhouse gas than a counterpart adhering to the standard, meat-rich American diet—the difference is equivalent to around 1.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, assuming the same daily caloric intake. (The study's authors thus claim that going vegetarian has the same effect on carbon dioxide emissions as switching from a Chevrolet Suburban to a Toyota Camry.)"

"In fact, a recent Cornell University study concluded that modest carnivorousness may actually be better for the environment than outright vegetarianism, since cattle can graze on inferior land not suitable for crops."

"And it wouldn't hurt if people got wise to the fact that meat needn't be the focus of every breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

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anilamuhammad said...

I may be biased here, since I am an almost vegetarian, but I do agree that based on how we currently get our meat (factory farms)going full or moderate veggie is good for the earth.

When I do eat chicken I get it from a farmer that I personal know, and know how they raise their chickens and their method of slaughter. Technically the chicken meat is not Halal…but to me it is Halal because of the way it is raised and how the farmers care for these animals.

I don't think eating meat is bad. It is how the meat gets to us that can cause more harm not only to the planet but to our bodies.

Sorry, but the chickens on the Muslim hippie farm are will not be available for dinner, just laying eggs for omelets. :)