Sunday, March 30, 2008

green by design

I was reading this article for a class and wanted to share: it raises some stimulating points that force us to look beyond the immediate "eco-efficiency" of several industries to the long-term, which is a whole new design-perspective of how our world could be.

check out the article here:

In response to the article, some will say that our human civilization is bound to produce some toxins if we continue to more forward rather than backward in a technological sense, but I'm way too enthusiastic about our possibilities to indulge in that thought. The article also reminds me of the treasure Allah gave us in nature: it is at once self-regulating and perfectly efficient, all without our help. Subhanallah, no wonder Allah tells us repeatedly in the Qur'an to observe the natural processes (such as water cycle and the growth of plants) to understand him.

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