Monday, September 8, 2008

I've got the power...

In the midst of tropical storm Saturday, I was trying to figure out how to not use disposable products at an upcoming iftar and thinking, "hmm...wouldn't it be nice if I found a set of used silverware at a garage sale that I could just have on hand for parties...hmm." Sheer boredom (and lack of food) told it me it would be a good idea to drive out to the estate sales in Springfield (about 25min away) in the pouring rain, to test out this idea.

And one soggy drive and a 25% discount later:

silverware for 8:

and an insulated carafe for the post-iftar caffeine addicts (ok so its not the prettiest one out there, but the only one for $3 probably):

So not only does participating in the compact give you superhuman powers but good estate sale karma as well ;) alhamdulillah.


Sabira said...


Wonder if that idea would apply to larger events too...

Good thinking!

Rusha Latif said...

my, aren't you resourceful! :)

here's another idea: a group of us got together recently for a potluck dinner at a local park. the subject of paper products came up, and a friend, who didn't intend on wasting that evening, pulled out her own plate, utensils, and cup. she got the idea from a potluck event at an organic farm where guests were asked to bring their own dishes to eat from. a simple idea, but kind of brilliant, don't you think? i think this idea could work well for larger potluck gatherings. granted, there's some logistical issues one would have to work out (e.g. how to clean dishes afterwards), but nonetheless it's worth trying. perhaps this is something you could implement at your green dinners.

Dina Badawy said...

what a great idea sanjana, congrats on your finds! ...especially since washing dinnerware takes less of a toll on the earth than the disposable items that would go into a landfill and release the chemicals from the plastics, etc.

but just like sabira said, larger and more formal parties are harder plan for, so if you HAVE to buy something, might as well be greenware (dinnerware that's made from plant products and decomposes easily and without harm to the environment)...just make sure they are legit companies. examples are:

merry ramadan!

Sanjana said...

thanks for the suggestions ladies!

i've toyed with the idea of asking people to bring their own stuff - it would work best for a picnic, like you said Rusha. (i would feel bad asking people to bring their own plates/cups when its at my house ;)

dina - i like the idea of greenware...i wish they did greenware utensils too! i feel plastic utensils are the most wasteful, even the corn ones - even though its "renewable" corn productive is still pretty environmentally intensive.

dilemmas, dilemmas ;)

but i'm happy to report that our iftar yesterday produced minimal trash alhamdulillah :)

Mohamad A. Chakaki said...

hey... didn't realize we were eating from good-karmic utensils and caffeine containers. good food, good stuff!

salaam :)